Video 18/100

I decided to try out another video from this source and it was pretty good. I feel that while it is a short video it highlights a few key stretches to get your muscles loosened up after a workout! I liked this one :) 


Trying to find a stretching video I cam across this line of videos. Not so big of a fan of this one, so I’m going to try another. Video 17/100. 


Video 16/100

Today’s workout was something a little different. Rather than your typical class like workout, the instructor was just a voiceover while the demo was following along. It allowed me to customize each movement to my desired level of difficulty and it had enough going on throughout the video to keep me occupied. Nothing worse than being bored through the entire workout! Also I guess in a way the guy doing the voice over was a little boring… oh well. Regardless, one more workout complete!


How to get Perfect Bride Arms: A workout by Lauren Hefez - YouTube

Alright, how sad is it that my upper arms and shoulders were so tired by the end of this?? Either way, this is my new go to workout when I find myself just sitting around! Totally easy to do all these moves to get warmed up for another workout or just to do a few reps for a good arm toning workout! Now this is going to bring in better arms for Taylor’s wedding!


Currently I can’t remember how many of these I’ve done, but either way, one more video completed! Today I wasn’t really feeling up to a big workout, and since yesterday I completed a full Dancing With The Stars workout video I figured a shorter one today would be okay. But I guess I probably should never justify being lazy! Either way, one more (actually two since I didn’t write a post yesterday!) down, and I’m unsure of exactly how many more to go! 


Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga Class 20 Minutes - YouTube

I’m a little sore from last nights arm and ab workout so tonight I went for more of a chill approach! This routine wasn’t my fave yoga routine, but it did the trick to get ready for bed with relaxed muscles! 88 more videos to go!


Abs, Arm flab, Full Length Toning and Fat Burning Workout: Awesome Abs And Arms - YouTube

Video 11/100

This video was definitely one that I could see myself doing again! Do you need a quick reminder to what muscles you have in your arms? This may be useful to you! I know it was for me! plus I learned a couple new ways to do push ups that I can throw into my “workout vocabulary” for future reference!

Only 89 more videos to go before I have much more appropriate MOH arms for Taylor’s wedding!


Alright, so I had to do a second video tonight because the Belly Dancing routine was not enough cardio for me. So with this workout added in I finally worked up a sufficient amount of sweat! Now time to figure out how to change out my license plate. Goodbye Pure Michigan Plate. In happier news: only 90 videos left to go! 


Since today was a cardio day and I wanted something fun to do, I decided to look into beginner dance workouts! I came across this video and remembered a fun dance class I had back in the day where our teacher gave us a little time away from our scheduled class to try out belly dancing. This video is exactly what it sounds like. The beginner’s beginner guide. While slightly entertaining, I kept wondering when we could step it up a bit. Maybe next time I can graduate to the next level! So overall, a good review from my dancing days, but not quite challenging enough for me. Maybe today will be a back to back workout video type of day! 


Workout Video 8/100

Alright, I believe my dance days are officially over because this video was definitely more my speed than some of the other ones I tried! It’s more on the beginner side of things, but still incorporated ways to make each move a little more intense! Another thing I really liked about this video was that it took you through the basics of each move. So for the ones I haven’t done since being in a dance studio I had a gentle reminder of the proper way to do each move plus where I should be feeling it. That really helped because there were some that I wasn’t really feeling but by listening to them discuss the move I was able to correct myself and get a really good workout out of the deal! This one is a favorite so far! Only 92 more to go! 


100 Workout Video Challenge

So my Best Friend’s wedding is right around the corner (YAY for Cory and Taylor!) and I saw what I look like in my bridesmaid dress. Ick. Needless to say I need to get my arms in shape! So I’ve made up a new challenge for myself! 100 Workout Videos (compliments of YouTube of course!) completed before her wedding. This can be anything! My first day was yesterday and I did the Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six-Pack Workout followed by a 20 minute yoga workout video. Granted some people may not count yoga as a workout, but for me right now, it is, and I made up the rules, so it counts! 

Today I went to an old standby, Walk Away the Pounds 2 mile walk. It reminds me of a time when my Mom and I would do workout videos together in our living room because we did the exact video a lot! Anyways, three workout videos down, only 97 more to go before July 25! :) 

Photo Set

I decided to treat myself a little last week and took a stroll down the ice cream aisle. When I treat myself to ice cream, I’m usually looking for the best, so I went straight to the Ben & Jerry’s section. Looking through the different flavors I decided that none of them sounded absolutely perfect, so I started to walk away. This is when a little bright green package catches my eye and I turn to see this Haagen-Daaz Frozen Yogurt!

I figured that it would still be loaded with fat and sugar but when I turned it around I was completely surprised! Compared to the regular vanilla, the fat content was way lower (17g vs 2.5g per half cup serving), the protein way higher (9g per serving in this baby! Even more than a whole egg!), and the price was the same! So I gave it a whirl!

I have to admit I was a bit weary at first, thinking it would be crystal-ly (my own new word), flavorless, and not worth the $4.50 I spent. Thankfully I was wrong on all accounts! The texture was creamy, just like regular Haagen-Daaz, the flavor was perfect - vanilla with only a hint of tartness, and filling thanks to the whopping 9 grams of protein per half cup! I definitely would buy this again! Maybe next time I’ll wait for a sale though!

Photo Set

Luvo/Lyfe Kitchen Review

I’ve had my eye on this line of more “real” frozen meals at Target for awhile now, but can’t see paying $4.49 for one meal to eat all by myself at home (especially one without a really good cheese involved!). Yesterday the whole Luvo/Lyfe Kitchen line happened to be on “Clearance” (AKA 15% off… Not very clearance-y in my opinion Target!) plus I had a $2.25 rebate for the line from the Ibotta app and I decided to give it a whirl!

So what’s the verdict? In a word…. Delicious! I thought the sauce was phenomenal, very rich for a frozen meal (rather than the typical watered down sauces) and spicy! The black beans were the perfect soft but not too soft texture and the chicken really was chicken! Such a nice surprise, even though the label boasts the “All Natural” chicken! In addition to the major players in the dish, the side of polenta was a new food for me. I was a little nervous to try it because I didn’t know what to expect from the cornmeal concoction, but also because I had no way of knowing if it was a good representation of polenta. With my limited experience, I would have to say it is pretty close to the real thing. It had a subtle sweetness that paired well with the savory spicy sauce. The tomato on top gave the polenta that dash of acidity and freshness it needed to really balance out the flavors!

Nutritionally, the meal was pretty solid! A good source of lean protein and 440 mg sodium while containing a carbohydrate, a little vegetable,
meat, and beans made this a well rounded meal. I would definitely try another meal from this line… If I ever happen upon such a good deal again!


So I’m feeling pretty settled down here in lil Valdosta but I’m feeling like I’m ready to add a little something to spice it up. I’m finally trained as a volunteer at the library, but seeing as how this dietitian salary is barely meeting my basic needs (well…. Plus student loans, plus best friend’s wedding in July, plus family vaca coming up) I am really needing something in the form of additional income rather than just free (helpful) labor.

I’ve been casually working on that goal over the past few months and thanks to my new coworker who is also on the hunt for extra money, I am a potential candidate to become a renal dietitian for ~12 hours per week (we would possibly be splitting the 24 hour/week position). Those of you that know my professional preferences know that it’s something I would love… But for some reason I just don’t feel the particular position is the right thing for me right now. I want something with more flexibility. I definitely would love the renal experience though, so until the interview arrives I’ll be putting that on the back burner.

Yesterday, I went over to my friend’s house for a little Mary Kay party, never expecting to walk out with more than an eye shadow or a face wash… But instead, a billion ideas started racing through my head. No, I’ll stop you right there. The girl over here who barely puts on blush in the morning? Not going to be Mary Kay consultant. No way Jose! I wouldn’t be able to sell a thing because I can hardly tell you which side of the mascara brush goes on your eyelashes. But the party sparked a memory in me. It took me back to about …. Too many years ago… To attending Pampered Chef parties with my Mom. I think those parties are one of the many reasons I fell in love with cooking and nutrition, although I also enjoyed them because it was free food and because Mom was footing the bill since my allowance at age 8 didn’t even meet the sale item cost.

Regardless, the reminiscing put aside, I’ve always considered the option to become a consultant. I believe it would be fun, wouldn’t really feel like work, and you get to share with others your passion for cooking and cooking with the perfect utensils.

Has anyone else set out on this adventure before? How has it turned out for you? Or if you’re a close friend - would you host a party if you could have me be your consultant?


Alright fellow OCD organizers…. How can I organize this kitchen drawer??