This past week I spent in my Retail rotation in the Health Sciences Cafeteria called the “Healthy Cafe.” I had to supervise the cafeteria as well as create a 500 calorie “meal deal special” for Thursday. As a Michigan girl I chose a fish dish, Pangasius with Spices Marmalade Glaze served with Lima Beans, skim milk and my special dessert “Quinoa Almond Joy Bar with Fruit.” Everything (except the Lima Beans and skim milk…. Both of which I dislike) was super yummy! I thought the glaze on the fish was tasty and the patrons agreed. Comments on my survey included “great recipe” and “one of your best fish dishes.” The Quinoa Almond Joy Bar with Fruit” was also a hit, with numerous requests for it to stay on the menu. It actually tasted just like a real Almond Joy!!! Yum!

This upcoming week I’m in my first week of choice, which I chose to work with someone a little outside the box, a retail dietitian! I’m pretty excited and I’m sure the week is going to fly by!